How to Take CBD Oil

Posted by on 9/27/2019
How to Take CBD Oil

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We offer CBD oil orally (pictured above) and topically as well as smoke-able products. 

Adequate dosage varies for each person, it is important to find your individual "sweet spot". 

We often start new customers on a .25 mL dosage shown on the droppers of our tincture product. After one week if you do not feel a difference, it is recommended that you increase your dosage to .50 mL for one week until you see results. 

**Effects of taking CBD oil orally can take 20 minutes to 2 hours to develop, relief will last 4-6 hours

**Effects of applying CBD oil topically can take up to one hour to develop, relief will last up to 5 hours

**Effects of inhaling CBD products develop immediately and can last 3 hours

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