How to Buy Quality CBD Oil

Posted by on 9/27/2019

There are hundreds of "CBD" companies in Minnesota alone, how do you know if you are getting the quality you deserve?

** When purchasing CBD products, please use caution. Be careful not to purchase based on which companies have the best marketing strategies. It is important to pay attention to ingredients and origins of the products, do not waste your money or jeopardize your health on low-quality products **

-  Many brands advertise a certain percentage of CBD in their products without a lab test to prove actual potency. These products could be advertising 16% CBD and .3% THC (the legal limit) while actually containing more or less % of the actual cannabinoids, changing the results you will see while using them. Releaf Ology guarantees you quality CBD products through third-party lab testing Quality of Assurance (QOA) documents, accessible through individual QR codes printed on the product label.

Full Spectrum vs Isolate:

-  "Full Spectrum" CBD means the CBD contains all of the natural cannabinoids within the cannabis plant at the time of harvest. "Isolate" CBD is 100% pure CBD that is extracted from the plant at the time of harvest, which means it does not contain the other cannabinoids. When deciding which route to take with your CBD experience, it is important to note that "full spectrum" CBD often provides more benefits because it is working together with the other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, which creates the "entourage effect", basically meaning that when all are working together, they are more effective. 10mg per day of full spectrum CBD often has the same effect as 80-100mg per day of CBD isolate. 

-  Releaf Ology proudly distributes full-spectrum CBD tinctures, topical creams, bath bombs, and more. 

CBD Origin:

-  It is also important to know where your products are coming from. Whether they are local, organic, etc. can play a big role in quality. Although you can buy almost any brand online, it is important not to buy until you are well educated and aware of what is in the products.

-  Some companies partner closely with their hemp growers to maintain quality, while others purchase from multiple growers in order to maintain low prices. Releaf Ology locally grows the hemp that our products are created with, and we greatly value the organic, pesticide-free growing process that produces our plants.


-  Be aware of if your product displays an ingredient list on the label so you can confirm that your CBD oil has been processed safely and free of contaminants such as heavy metals, mold, or bacteria. You should avoid CBD oil that has been processed with butane, hexane, or contains a majority of ingredients that are unrecognizable to you. This suggests that they are not of an organic origin and can be falsely advertising their benefits. 

-  Other things to consider when buying:

Taste: We offer a variety of flavors in our tincture line, as well as a variety of buds including cherry blossom, mount mango, stormy daniels, and hot blonde.  

Price: We do our very best to keep our products in a reasonable price range while considering concentration and origin

Immediacy of effects: Releaf Ology offers many different products to better meet your CBD needs. For fast-acting relief, we have CBD vaporizers. For long-lasting relief, we have our tincture line and topical creams. 

Concentration: We offer tinctures in a variety of concentrations ranging from 250mg - 1350mg and will do our best to match you with a product that best fits your individual needs. We also have pain creams that range in concentration for centralized pain relief.

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